My God is my Maker.

He designed me, formed me and builds me to His glory.

My God is Wise and All-Knowing.

He sees my every circumstance and always knows what’s best for me.

My God is Ever-Present and Compassionate.

He never leaves my side and comforts my soul through the trials.

My God is All-Loving and Caring.

He gave His All – His Son Jesus Christ – to die for my sins and with Him an open access to all of His blessings.

My God is All-Forgiving and All-Restoring.

Although I fail Him and dishonour Him often, He cleans me of all sin and restores to me the joy of His salvation.

My God is Strong and Mighty.

I am surrounded by enemies who seek to put me down, but He is an undefeated warrior who fights for me.

My God is my Guide and my Counsellor.

I fear not the future when I follow in His path.

My God is my Shelter and my Rock.

Life is unsettling, but He is a stronghold ever secure.

My God is Faithful and Friend.

He never fails me, never forgets me, and never withdraws His promises to me.

My God is my Father.

He gave me His sonship and a family of brothers and sisters to help me, love me, support me and correct me.

My God is my King and my Lord.

I am bound to His service and glory by love and gratitude for who He is and what He has done for me.

My God is All in All.

For although He loves me, saves me, protects me, builds me, restores me, and blesses me, this story is not about me, but of His great, majestic and holy glory, my unfathomable, unstoppable, untameable, indescribable God.

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